Capital Elite Apartment 18 Pham Hung – Project information


  • Special discount FOR EARLY BOOKING

✔️ Price only from $2.800/sqm
✔️ Refundable booking: 100 mil VND
✔️ Special discount up to 8.5%
✔️ Special gift: Germany Pure Water whole house water filter worth 30mil VND

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Capital Elite Rumour Price

Prime location on Pham Hung arterial road

  • A rare project open for sale in the inner city, right at the Western gateway of Hanoi
  • Benefiting from the outstanding development of transport infrastructure in Hanoi’s West, huge potential for price increase
  • Located in the heart of Hanoi’s biggest internation hub, high leasing yield & occupancy rate
  • 100% high-class handover furniture and equipment
  • 1st sales opening with good prices and attractive incentives
Capital elite project


  • Project name: Capital Elite
  • Location: No. 18 Pham Hung, My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
  • Investor: Thu Do II Co., Ltd
  • Construction density: 50%
  • Type of product: Luxury apartments, Investor-owned units, Shopping mall and offices
  • Quantity: 16 units/floor with 3BRs
  • Unit area: From 105m2 – 127m2
  • Scale:
    + Floor 1-9: Shopping mall & Offices
    + Floor 10-17: Apartment for Vietnamese
    + Floor 18-23: Apartment for foreigners
    + Floor 24-29: Service apartments
    + Floor 30-31: Penthouses
    + Floor 32: Rooftop
  • Legal:
    + Vietnamese: Long-term ownership
    + Foreigners: 50-year ownership
Capital elite project commerce floors


Project Capital Elite 18 Pham Hung also has a professional management team, supporting the management and operation of the apartment, helping residents have a comfortable, safe and relaxing life after stressful working hours.

The investor has brought to the project a series of luxurious and classy internal facilities to create a comfortable life for residents:

  • Modern office area
  • Co-working space area
  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms, seminars
  • Commercial center
  • Kindergarten
  • Bookstore
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym, fitness, yoga
  • Luxury restaurant
  • Commercial lobby, office lobby and private apartment lobby
  • Relaxing bar club
  • Walking garden.
  • The roof in front of the residential lobby according to hotel standards
  • Commercial escalator
  • And a host of other high-class amenities…
Capital Elite project

Each apartment is fully equipped with modern equipment and facilities, including:

The ceiling-mounted air conditioning system meets the demand for fresh air, ensures comfort and optimizes energy savings.
Modern kitchen, fully equipped with upper and lower kitchen cabinets, imported faucets. The kitchen is designed to be open, creating a spacious feeling, convenient for cooking and partying.
The bathrooms are equipped with high-class sanitary ware, full of accessories. The items are designed to be simple, luxurious and easy to clean.
The bedrooms are designed with natural light, creating a sense of comfort and convenience.


  • Bookings are refundable: 100.000.000vnđ
  • Deposit: 200.000.000vnđ (when opening for sale, the booking money is converted into a deposit)
  • 1st installment: Make payment and sign sales and purchase (SPA) – 30% Selling price (included VAT) and the above deposit is included (within 7 working days from the date of making full deposit)
  • 2nd installment: 15% selling price (included VAT) (after 2 months from 2nd installment
  • 3rd installment: 15% selling price (included VAT) (after 2 months from 2nd installment)
  • 4th installment: 10% selling price (included VAT) (When topping off the roof of the building)
  • 5th installment: 25% selling price (included VAT) (No later than the date of handing over the aparment, expected: 4th quater 2024
  • 6th installment: 5% selling price (included VAT) (Within 7 days from the sent date of the Developer’s notice of certificate of ownership, but no later than the date the certificate is handing over.

Preferential discount 1% on selling price (excluding of VAT and mainternance fee) deductible gifts.


Capital Elite project is one of the rare projects launched at the present time that has full legality: Construction permit, pink book of the whole project, customers buying houses at Capital Elite just need to separate each apartment. , extremely secure about the law:

For more information, don’t hensitage to contact me at: 0855.22.0000 (zalo, viber, imes)

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